About the agriculture

One of the largest agricultural areas
Bregentved Agriculture, operated by Bregentved I/S, is comprised of one of the largest agricultural lands, at 3,465 hectares. It is a leader in environmentalism and is operated with a focus on sustainable and climate-friendly production of both energy and food.

The main crops are wheat, barley and winter oilseed rape as well as rye grass seed. Most of the straw from the harvested crops are mulched. Approximately 10% of the straw is salvaged and used in the estate's own straw burners that produce heat for drying grain and heating Bregentved's manors.

The world's largest John Deere
Bregentved Agriculture has large and effective machines that can handle all the key agricultural tasks. Of the machines, one can find the largest tractor in John Deere's inventory, namely, the 560 horsepower John Deere 9560R, which pulls the 12 metre Horsch cultivator.