Sustainable methods
Bregentved participates in studies in collaboration with DTU. The experiments cover improving soil quality and binding CO2 in the soil by using wood and straw ash. The aim is to combine energy and agricultural systems for a future without fossil fuels and to create more sustainable energy systems. Cultivation at Bregentved focuses both on using less energy and creating a sustainable carbon balance. With these methods, it is possible to ensure the fertility of the soil and crop yields in order to achieve higher food production.

Earthworms as an agricultural tool
With eco-friendly land use as a basis, Bregentved believes in long-term, sustainable and cost-effective production. This means that over the last 40 years, manure has not been used on the majority of Bregentved's agricultural land. Bregentved practices plough-free cultivation and uses earthworms as a soil treatment. Earthworms work deeper than traditional methods and degrade the remaining straw on a field into reusable nutrients. In addition, earthworms ensure that rainwater is quickly funnelled underground.