About the forest district

The Bregentved Forest District is one of Denmark's largest forest areas, covering 3,094 hectares divided into 30 forests, of which all are PEFC certified. The forests mainly consist of old species of trees commonly found in Denmark, such as beech, oak and ash, with 75% of the area being covered by deciduous trees. The conifers, which cover 25% of the area, are mostly Norwegian spruce, but there are also a number of other species.

Every year, the forest produces timber for furniture, floors, beams, paper, boat-building and many other purposes. Around 21,000 cubic metres of wood are produced annually. Around 20,000 Christmas trees of spruce and Caucasian fir are also grown each year, mostly for export. Branches of various types of conifers are produced for use in grave coverings, as well as for wreaths, bouquets and decorative purposes. The total production of decorative greenery is approximately 150 tons per year.

Bregentved Forest District is best-known for its oak forests, partly because of their size, covering over one-third of the forest area, and partly because oaks have been planted every year for more than a century, the result being that trees of all ages are present. The oak forests are very intensively managed, with branches trimmed every year on more than 30,000 trees.